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The Alaskan Malamute, one of the oldest Arctic sled dogs, was named after the native Innuit tribe called Mahlemuts, who settled along the shores of Kotzebue Sound in the upper western part of Alaska.

Moose Rainbow bridge

Moose crossed the rainbow bridge on July 9th. He had just turned 9yrs old on the 4th of July. We had him in our lives for 5yrs and he gave us such a joy. Moose one of those Malamutes that would look at you as if to say "I hear what your telling me, but I don't want to do it". But Moose also knew that Mom was the BOSS in our house. He loved laying in the courtyard all day long in the cool weather, from morning till night. Just woo wooed to eat..... He will be missed. RIP my big guy, we love you!!!!



Lisa Henderson
Volunteer Coordinator

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 malamute cart
Malamute cart 2
Malamute cart 3

Notes from the Coordinator

Hi All,

Just wanted to share these pictures & story with you.
This is Moose. He is a giant that is 3yrs old. Moose lost his back leg to cancer about 5 months ago. He gets around the house and the back yard to do his business ok. But because of his size that back leg just can't carry him so he can get the exercise he needs. I took Moose in to rescue about 5 weeks ago. My family has fallen hard for him. He is such a great loving boy. His owner/ Dad just couldn't keep him he is a Capt. with Southwest airlines and was being transferred back to AZ. He said the Moose spent way too much time in doggie daycare and deserved a home with people that would love on him and that he could love on. Well guess what he found that at my house!
So anyway my point. I started doing some research on the Internet. ( everyone should be proud of me because I'm not very bright when it comes to the computer) I found out that they make doggie wheelchairs or doggie carts as they are sometimes called. I emailed about 5 different company's. All of which said that they could not help by donating a cart unless they had one that was Mooses size. But Moose is huge and none had one that big. The cost to make a cart for him was between $600 & $700. Some of the companies said that they could give me a discount. But I still could not afford a cart.
To make a long story short. About 2 weeks later Leslie from Eddie's Wheels in Shelburne Falls MA called to tell me that an Angel sent her a check for $500. and she could use it on any dog that she chose to help. Well she chose my big guy..... All I had to pay for was the shipping which was way over $100. but so worth it.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. & if we can thank Leslie @ Eddie's wheels in anyway please do.

There web site is

Leslie's email is

Lisa Henderson







Our dogs are all neutered or spayed, which means you won't have to pay that cost (typically $100 - $200), or deal with the many health and behavioral issues that can arise with intact dogs.

We tell you everything we know about our dogs, the good and the bad. We don't adopt out dogs that are aggressive to people.

Our dogs have received all their shots, are heartworm negative, and are in good health. If a dog has health issues, we tell you what they are. If the dog had health issues, we'll tell you about that, too.

We know our dogs: their personalities, their likes and dislikes, and their character. Our knowledge of our dogs makes it easy for us to make a good match for you, and give you a dog that will fit your lifestyle.


A back yard breeder or a pet store is much more interested in getting your money than they are making sure your new dog is a good fit for you and your family. If the person you buy your Malamute from doesn't ask you many questions about yourself, ask for your vet's phone number to see if you're a responsible pet owner, visit your house, or have you sign a contract stipulating you'll return the dog to them if necessary, THEN YOU ARE NOT BUYING A DOG FROM A REPUTABLE BREEDER!

Pet store dogs come from puppy mills, where the mother dogs are bred over and over until they finally die. As you can imagine, their pups are not very healthy and are not socialized.

We are always available for questions, training suggestions, and follow-up of any sort. A back yard breeder or a pet store employee are not going to help you at all with your new dog.

Although this is seldom necessary, we take our dogs back. In fact, the adoption contract you sign requires you to return the dog to us if you can no longer keep him or her.

If you're looking for a rescued dog, you probably already know the value of saving a life and understand the joy you'll find in watching your adopted dog blossom under your care. You also probably know that millions of dogs are killed every year by state and county animal shelters throughout the U.S. due to lack of space in the shelters. These dogs are killed by injections, by being shot, or by being shoved into a gas chamber with dozens of other dogs.